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How To Make Your Wedding Beautiful

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the biggest events of a person’s life. A lot of planning and toil goes into making it beautiful anda relish-worthy celebration and rightly so. Most of us only get to do it once; therefore, everything about the wedding has to be impressive and impeccable.

Dance is an integral part of a wedding ceremony; it instills liveliness and fun in every spectator. Eliminate dancing from the marriage function and it diminishes to a tedious communal meal. Get professional dancers to pump up the merriment and to get everyone at the venue grooving. The incidents we remember the most are the times we enjoyed to the core.

wedding dancers kerala

wedding dancers kerala

The dancing ceremony has been an indispensable part of wedding ceremony since ancient times, in all religions, culture, and civilization. Many dance forms as we see it today originated as wedding dances. The traditional Oppana at the Malabar Muslim weddings or the Margam Kali performed at Christian weddings, all commenced from wedding venues. The hiring of professional dancers to perform at wedding events is not a new trend, professional dancers were hired to grace wedding venues even in the past too, although, the trend is witnessing ascend in recent times.

Earlier, the destination for weddings used to be the nearest hall to the couple’s house or the religious institution where the nuptials take place. Think out of the box when you fix a destination for the wedding; choose a place that has a special connection to you, your partner or you as a couple. Select a place that is in accordance with your budget and other conveniences. A destination wedding does not have to be expensive always. If you take an open space like the beach or a sprawling lawn, you can save a lot of money required to rent halls. Have a charming theme for the wedding, the one that syncs with the geography of the destination.

Hire professional dancers from your wedding destination to make the event delightful and memorable. Every famous destination would have a native dance form originated there; presenting local art forms such as dance at the wedding venue will constitute marvelous experience. For example, if the wedding destination is Dubai, you could hire Arabic dancers to perform authentic Arabian dances.

Just like destination, there are some run-of-the-mill, conventional practices that we follow in terms of wedding décor. For example, the jasmine and marigold at Hindu weddings or the roses and candles at Christian weddings take up a major portion of the wedding décor. The décor sets the ambiance of the wedding so make sure that it perfectly accentuates the theme and the venue of the wedding. Fairy lights, dangling lanterns, chalk boards, Chinese lamps, pastel colors, and flower canopy are some of the most popular and trending décor ideas available in the market. Refrain from stuffing the venue with props and overdoing, keep it minimal and eye-soothing.

The themes conveyed through Décor alone would be subtle and might fail to make an impression. You can hire dancers to perform in relation to the theme to make it more apparent and enjoyable. For example, you can hire South India dance performers for a South Indian theme or Bhangra dancers for Punjabi theme.

People tend to remember the delicacies served at a wedding function longer, more than any otherelement or experience. To render your wedding beautiful and memorable, make sure that you serve delectable food to your guests. The taste of food is not largely in our hands, but we can still plan the right food and hire a good chef to execute it. Don’t always stick to the conventional cuisines and food; include flavors from other cuisines and culture to make it diverse. Don’t serve the food as one course, split it into different courses and make the serving intermittent.

Are you looking for professional wedding dancers in South India to upgrade your wedding day to the most fun-packed day? Then you have come to the right place; we are wedding dancers based in Kerala and we extend our services to other states as well. We perform the traditional dance forms like Margam Kali, Arabic dance and contemporary forms of dance in all its authenticity. Avail our services and make your wedding day unforgettable.

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